METABOLIC AGE, a new indicator of aging?

Easily measurable, metabolic age appears to be a good predictor of metabolic syndrome and accelerated aging.


To function the body consumes energy, in the form of calories. The amount of energy required for the body to function at rest for 24 hours is called the basal metabolic rate.

Metabolic age is determined by comparing this basal metabolic rate with the average basal metabolic rate of people of the same chronological age.

A metabolic age greater than the chronological age appears to be a relevant indicator of the risk of metabolic syndrome and accelerated aging (1).

Several algorithms have been proposed to measure metabolic age.

Simpler, using electrical impedance analysis techniques, devices such as bathroom scales provide a fast, accurate and traceable estimate of metabolic age.

Increasingly popular in sports medicine, the use of these impedance meters can easily be the first step in an anti-aging medical check-up.

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(1) : R. Elguezabal-Rodelo et Al. Metabolic age correlates better than chronological age with waist-to-height ratio, a cardiovascular risk index. Medicina Clinica (English Edition), Volume 157, Issue 9, 12 November 2021, Pages 409-417.