Aging: what’s new? Genetics of longevity, science advances.

By studying populations that age in good health, we can outline the genetics of longevity and ultimately promote personalized anti-aging programs for all.

Increasing life expectancy is not associated with increasing healthy life expectancy. Explanation: aging itself represents the major risk factor for the onset of age-related chronic diseases such as cardiovascular, metabolic and neurodegenerative diseases. Moreover, aging is also the main cause of a decline in the immune system.

However, there are individuals who are able of living a long and healthy life, escaping these age-related diseases.

Studies of long-lived families reveal that longevity can be inherited as a genetic trait. The heritability of lifespan – determined in studies of twins – is estimated at 20% on average and up to 30% (1).

The synthesis of these studies, which have been increasing in number over the last ten years, makes it possible to identify the main pathways associated with longevity, and ultimately their genetic component.

Alongside medical advances in the treatment of chronic diseases, there is an urgent need to improve health during aging and before the onset of these diseases. By identifying each individual’s genetic profile, a promising avenue will be to provide personalized tools to control aging: nutrition, physical exercise, stress management, etc.

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(1) : SMULDERS, Larissa et DEELEN, Joris. Genetics of human longevity: From variants to genes to pathways. Journal of Internal Medicine, 2024, vol. 295, no 4, p. 416-435.