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You are a doctor, a journalist, an aging specialist or just a fan of innovation in anti-aging medicine, this blog is for you.
You will share knowledge, readings, reflections, expert opinions, discoveries, questions from the world’s leading specialists in glycation and aging.
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Scientific and Medical Committee:

Dr. Claude DALLE – Anti-Aging Physician, President of the World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine.
Pr. Daniel JEAN PhD – Pharmacologist, founder of the Plant Ingredients Institute.

Responsible for the publication:

Antoine PELLET – General Manager of the A2P Sciences sas.
Contact: antoine@agebreaker.com

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Editorial charter:

Inside AGE BREAKER is an open access blog for professionals (researchers, anti-aging medicine practitioners, specialized journalists) and the general public interested in medical practices and scientific discoveries on aging and more particularly on the mechanisms and consequences of glycation.
If you are an aging professional and would like to publish one of your contributions, please contact contact@agebreaker.com.

Charter of comments:

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Messages obviously contrary to the law may be communicated to the competent authorities if necessary.
Moderators reserve the right to apply these rules.
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