PREVENTING AGING: lifestyle or medication?

Long-term studies show that lifestyle and dietary measures are more effective than drugs in preventing metabolic syndrome and premature aging.

 Abdominal overweight is a precursor to metabolic syndrome, diabetes and more generally premature aging. It is easy to identify those at risk, monitor them and measure the effectiveness of strategies preventing premature aging.

A study conducted in the United States by the National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) on populations at risk and over long periods of time, shows that hygienic and dietary measures (diet and physical exercise) make it possible to reduce the risk of developing diabetes by 58% diabetes and up to 71% for those over 60 (1).

At the same time, taking geroprotective drugs such as metformin can also reduce the occurrence of diabetes, but significantly less, around 30%.

This program suggests that lifestyle change is superior to pharmacological therapy in the prediabetic population.

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(1): Last update 08 2021.