Due to a strange metabolism, fructose is said to be the most toxic of sugars.

For many years fructose and glucose, which have the same chemical formula, were considered identical in their health effects. For the record, glucose is the main carbohydrate in animals while sucrose (composed of glucose and fructose) is the main carbohydrate in plants. Since humans have always consumed fruit, fructose, a basic component of food, has long been considered beneficial to human health. Throughout the ages, refined sugar from plants with a high fructose content has even become a luxury item for many populations.

And then boom! The explosion in the consumption of refined sugar throughout the world, and therefore of fructose, has led, through numerous mechanisms, such as glycation, to a boom in diseases such as diabetes, cancers of the digestive system, neurodegenerative diseases and more generally to accelerated ageing.

The explanation given is that the metabolism of fructose in the body is much worse than that of glucose, making fructose the most harmful of the sugars (1).

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1: M. A. Febbraio et Al. “Sweet death”: Fructose as a metabolic toxin that targets the gut-liver axis. Cell Metab 2021 Dec 7;33(12):2316-2328. doi: 10.1016/j.cmet.2021.09.004.