Glycation is a slow poison resulting from the fixation of sugars on the proteins constituting the organism. Glycation generates toxic compounds, AGEs that cause cellular aging.

Its preferred target, the slow turnover proteins: in the dermis, elastin and collagen whose properties are progressively altered.

The body has no defence or self repairing mechanism against glycation, the consequences of which are deemed difficult to reverse.

The mechanisms of glycation are active many years before the onset of clinical signs of skin aging.

On the skin, wrinkles and sagging skin, pigment spots, poor healing are direct consequences of glycation which is also involved in chronic dermatoses as well as in complications following aesthetic procedures.

Glycation can be self-controlled, but only in a limited way, by adopting a rigorous lifestyle: avoid the consumption of browned and sugary foods, sun exposure, toxic products…

Nutritional supplementation with deglycating molecules thus appears to be the most effective and safe route for the management of aging linked to glycation.

The recent discovery of the deglycating properties of rosmarinic acid makes this molecule, already known for its remarkable pharmacological properties, the new reference in the fight against skin aging.

Formulated with a specific molecular fraction of Rosmarinus officinalis, AGE BREAKER capsules have a record deglycating activity (2.4 times more than pure rosmarinic acid) and guarantee optimal anti-aging efficacy with total safety.

Take in cures of few months from 40 years for people at risk and 50 years for everyone.


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[Glycation is one of the major causes of aging. Resulting from the fixation of sugars on the proteins constituting the organism, glycation generates toxic compounds that cause cellular aging. Glycation is particularly involved in metabolic disorders, skin aging and cognitive decline.] [AGE BREAKER, patented nutritional supplements, based on rosmarinic acid, recognized by aging specialists around the world for their properties to reverse the effects of glycation.]

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