Obesity, a parameter common to all patients with metabolic syndrome, promotes aging (1). Its increase worldwide, in ever younger populations, is the sign of dramatic acceleration in premature aging.

Overweight (including obesity) affects about 70% of the adult population in the United States and even more in Mexico; it is estimated at 40% in France, Italy and Switzerland. Worse, overweight, and obesity, in 15-year-olds has been steadily increasing since the 2000s: over 30% of North American adolescents today; already 12% in France.

At the same time, obesity and diabetes are hitting young people more and more. Described first in the United States in the early 2000s, type 2 diabetes in children is developing in virtually every part of the world.

Long defended by a protective traditional diet, the Mediterranean populations are swept away by the wave of childhood “diabesity”. More than 20% of Greek teenagers are overweight today!

Only Japan and Korea seem to be resisting this global epidemic.

Before epigenetic freezes this situation, there is urgency.

Preventive measures exist (diet, physical exercise) but have no scope without an awareness of those concerned who are unaware of their condition. In the face of the announced disaster, the strategy to be adopted is to practice a systematic screening of the risk of metabolic syndrome. Regardless of age, the slightest abdominal overweight should trigger the alert.

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