ROSMARINIC ACID: an interesting ingredient in the management of the signs of aging associated with glycation. Promising clinical results in the improvement of SLEEP DISORDERS and COGNITIVE FUNCTIONS.

Sleep disorders affect around 1/3 of adult populations and even more in those over 55 years old. These disorders are factors that accelerate aging. They are also significantly associated with a high glycation rate (1).

These disorders can be treated with prescription drugs, which are not always effective and have significant side effects, particularly disorders of vigilance and cognitive functions.

A double-blind clinical study of 89 subjects showed improved sleep quality and reduced severity of insomnia in people with subclinical sleep disorders taking a botanical preparation rich in rosmarinic acid (2). Even more interesting and in line with the deglycating effect of rosmarinic acid, taking this preparation led to improved neurocognitive functioning: better vigilant attention, working memory and risk assessment.

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[Glycation is one of the major causes of aging. Resulting from the fixation of sugars on the proteins constituting the organism, glycation generates toxic compounds that cause cellular aging. Glycation is particularly involved in metabolic disorders, skin aging and cognitive decline.] [AGE BREAKER, patented nutritional supplements, based on rosmarinic acid, recognized by aging specialists around the world for their properties to reverse the effects of glycation.]

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