P4 MEDICINE, enter the new age of anti-aging medicine.

Already practiced for the management of rare diseases, P4 medicine, such as Predictive, Preventive, Participatory and Personalized, is announced as the way of the future of anti-aging medicine.


The recent development of genetic tests makes it possible to establish a personalized cartography of the risk factors of aging, with a precise predictive value.


By taking measures years before the onset of a pathology or a sign of aging, we can slow down or stop an ongoing process.


The patient becomes an expert, actor of his own health. He has a good level of knowledge. His relationship with his doctor goes beyond traditional informed consent.


Advances in diagnostic tests, medical imaging, epigenetic knowledge, confirm that each patient is unique and allow to promote a personalized high precision medicine.

The P4 medicine requires the P4 doctor to better understand the cellular and epigenetic mechanisms, to promote genetic diagnoses, to use biomarkers and molecular signatures of aging and to base their prescription on new preclinical models.

By attacking glycation, one of the silent mechanisms of aging, with innovative methods and by making it possible to reverse very early certain effects of aging, Age Breaker is part of the P4 medicine approach, the real medicine of the future.

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✅ [AGE BREAKER, patented nutritional supplements, based on rosmarinic acid, recognized by aging specialists around the world for their properties to reverse the effects of glycation.]

✅ [Glycation is a chemical reaction resulting from sugars attaching to proteins. Glycation, a process that is still little known, is one of the fundamental mechanisms of generalized.]

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