NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTATION, the essential way against aging linked to glycation

The body cannot naturally fight against glycation.
Poor compliance with hygiene and dietary measures and the risks associated with taking medication over the long term make nutritional supplementation based on deglycating ingredients the essential way to correct this deficiency.

The hygienic and dietary rules for the prevention of aging linked to glycation are well known: low carbohydrate diet, regular exercise, stress management, balanced sleep … Unfortunately, they are often not respected before the age of 40 years, when the mechanisms of aging are precisely set in place.

The prevention of aging by drug treatments is intrinsically limited by the duration of these treatments. Taking a glycation inhibitor, such as Metformin, would theoretically delay the onset of signs of aging but in practice it should be taken daily throughout the life and from the age of 20/25 years…

Anti-aging supplementation with deglycating ingredients is therefore the most effective and safe way for the management, at any, age, of aging.

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[AGE BREAKER, patented nutritional supplements, based on rosmarinic acid, recognized by aging specialists around the world for their property to reverse the effects of glycation.]

✅ [Glycation is one of the major causes of aging. Resulting from the fixation of sugars on the proteins constituting the organism, glycation generates toxic compounds that cause cellular aging. Glycation is particularly involved in metabolic disorders, skin aging and cognitive decline.]

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